Instarem amaze Card Review [With Features and Benefits]

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Instarem amaze Card Review? If you’re looking for a revolutionary card that simplifies your financial life while maximizing rewards, look no further than Instarem’s amaze card. 

The Instarem Amaze Card offers a unique feature allowing users to combine up to five Singapore-issued Mastercard debit and credit cards into one, simplifying their wallet.

With the Amaze Card, you can earn InstaPoints on foreign exchange spends, which can be redeemed for cash back or discounts on overseas money transfers, effectively maximizing your rewards

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Instarem amaze Card Review. So let’s get started!

Instarem amaze Card Review

What is Instarem amaze Card?

The Instarem amaze Card is a multi-currency debit card that offers competitive foreign exchange rates and innovative features for seamless transactions. 

Users can link up to five Mastercard debit or credit cards, enabling them to earn cashback, miles, or rewards from their linked cards while using the Amaze Card for payments. 

With the ability to convert eligible offline spending into online transactions, the Amaze Card provides added convenience and value to users. Overall, it’s a versatile financial tool designed to streamline international transactions and maximize rewards.

How Does the amaze Card Work?

The Instarem amaze card functions as your all-in-one travel partner, offering:

  • Simplified Payments: With just one card, you can make payments in multiple currencies without the need of carrying cash or dealing with currency exchange.
  • Instant Rewards: Earn InstaPoints with every transaction and redeem them for cashback directly through the Instarem app. Get extra savings on your travel expenses.
  • Easy Activation: Applying for and activating your amaze card is easy. Simply download the Instarem app, register for an account, and start spending within minutes.

Key Features and Benefits 

  • Card Consolidation: Merge up to 5 Mastercard cards into one, reducing wallet clutter.
  • Rewards: Earn InstaPoints on FX spends and enjoy cashback or discounts on transfers.
  • Flexibility: Top up your wallet with any debit or credit card, even non-Mastercards.
  • Competitive Rates: Benefit from competitive exchange rates for significant savings.
  • Control: Manage transactions in real-time via the user-friendly Instarem app.
  • Mastercard Advantages: Enjoy exclusive benefits without annual fees.

How to apply for an amaze Card

1. Download the Instarem App: Access the Instarem app and sign up using the MyInfo with Singpass option for a simple onboarding process.

2. Complete Account Approval: Once your Instarem account is approved, navigate to the card section within the app.

3. Customize Your Card: Enter your desired name for the Amaze card and confirm your delivery address.

4. Link a Funding Source: Choose your preferred funding source and link it to your Amaze card for effortless transactions.

5. Activate Your Card: Upon receiving your physical Amaze card, activate it through the app and set your personal PIN.

6. Start Using Your Amaze Card: Your Amaze card is now ready for use—enjoy the convenience and rewards it brings to your everyday transactions.

Earn InstaPoints for Cashback on Spending

InstaPoints serve as Instarem’s loyalty currency, offering users opportunities for cashback or discounts on future transactions. 

InstaPoints can be earned through various activities such as overseas spending, money transfers with Instarem, or referring friends to the platform.

Instarem amaze Card Exchange Rate

When using the Instarem Amaze Card for overseas transactions, the exchange rate plays a crucial role. 

While there may be differences between Amaze’s rates and Visa’s official rates, the savings obtained from bypassing foreign transaction fees, combined with cashback incentives, offset any differences.

ATM Withdrawals With the amaze Card

The Amaze Card by Instarem not only simplifies everyday transactions but also extends its convenience to ATM withdrawals. 

With the Amaze Card, users can easily withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide, providing flexibility and accessibility wherever they go.

Whether you’re traveling abroad or simply need cash on hand, the Amaze Card ensures effortless ATM withdrawals, making it an essential companion for modern banking needs.

Best Cards To Pair With amaze Card

Pairing the Instarem Amaze Card with compatible credit cards can maximize benefits. 

Cards offering bonus miles for online spending support the Amaze Card’s feature of converting offline spending to online, increasing overall rewards accumulation.

Why Choose amaze Card?

Save on Foreign Exchange

With amaze card, enjoy competitive FX rates and keep more money in your pocket for your travel adventures.

Enjoy Ultimate Convenience

Top up your amaze wallet or link your card to Mastercard or Google Pay for convenient transactions wherever you are.

Score Major Rewards

From InstaPoints to cashback and Mastercard benefits, every transaction earns you valuable rewards that make your travel experiences even more rewarding.


The Instarem Amaze Card is a useful and flexible solution for managing international transactions while earning rewards. It has several innovative features like card consolidation, a flexible rewards system, and competitive exchange rates. 

These features help to simplify transactions and maximize savings for users. Furthermore, the card has a user-friendly interface and offers access to Mastercard advantages without any annual fees. Therefore, the Amaze Card is an excellent choice in the market. Overall, it offers a simple and rewarding banking experience, making it a valuable addition to any wallet.

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Can I withdraw money with Amaze card?

Withdrawals are allowed up to SGD 1,000 (foreign currency equivalent) per day, including all fees associated with them. 

How do I activate my physical amaze card?

Upon receiving your physical amaze card, log in to the Instarem app, navigate to the card activation section, and follow the provided instructions. Your card will be activated and ready to use in no time.

How much can you transfer on Instarem per day?

On Instarem, you can transfer CAD 3,000 per day.

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