How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Ibotta: A Comprehensive Guide (2024)

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How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Ibotta? Ibotta is a free cashback app that rewards you for purchasing select items at your favorite stores. Earning cash back with Ibotta is not only a rewarding experience, but it’s also a pathway to unlocking financial flexibility. 

However, after earning all that cashback, you might be wondering How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Ibotta. Once you have met the withdrawal qualifications, you can withdraw your earnings in three ways: To your bank, PayPal, and Gift cards.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Ibotta.

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How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Ibotta

Once you meet the withdrawal qualifications, you can withdraw your earnings in three ways.

Ways to withdraw your earnings from Ibotta

There are three ways to withdraw your earnings from Ibotta:

1. To your bank: If your bank has opted into the Ibotta earnings program, you can transfer your earnings to a bank account. However, be aware that some banks do not allow third-party transfers.

2. PayPal: Sending your earnings to your PayPal account is the easiest way to withdraw them. 

3. Gift cards: By purchasing a digital gift card on the Ibotta app, You can withdraw your earnings. Some gift cards require a minimum purchase of $25.

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How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Ibotta to Your Bank.

Once you reach a balance of $20.00, you can withdraw your earnings by linking your bank account through the Ibotta app or

How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Ibotta App

Once your bank account is linked, follow these steps to withdraw cash through the Ibotta app:

Step 1- Choose Your Bank Account:

Select your linked bank account on the Withdraw Cash page within the app.

Step 2- Set Withdrawal Amount:

Choose the amount you want to withdraw; a minimum of $20.00 is required.

Step 3- Review and Confirm:

Hit the “Review” button, then choose “Confirm & withdraw.”

Step 4- +Wait for Deposit:

Your cash will be deposited into your account within 4 to 5 business days.

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How to Withdraw Your Earnings from

Ibotta now allows online withdrawal. Here’s how:

1. Log in to

2. Tap on your earnings at the top right.

3. Click ‘Withdraw.’

4. Choose your account and enter the withdrawal amount.

5. Click ‘Confirm & withdraw.’

6. Receive your cash in 0-5 days, depending on the account type.

Note: does not currently offer the option to withdraw earnings to a PayPal account or gift card. Presently, PayPal and gift cards are only supported within the Ibotta app.

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How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Ibotta to a Gift Card

Follow these steps to withdraw your earnings from Ibotta to your gift card:

Step 1: Locate Your Earnings

To start the withdrawal process, go to the earnings tab located on the top right corner of the homepage.

Step 2: Minimum Balance Check

Make sure you have a balance of at least $20.00 to access the withdrawal option.

Step 3: Start withdrawing

Once you meet the balance requirement, click on the Withdraw option to explore Ibotta’s various withdrawal choices.

Step 4: Choose the Gift Card Path

Go to the withdrawal menu and select Gift Cards. Follow the on-screen instructions to convert your Ibotta earnings into a gift card of your choice.

Note: You’ll get an email with a link to your e-gift card within an hour. If you have any issues, check for help there.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Ibotta to PayPal

Follow these steps to withdraw your earnings from Ibotta to PayPal:

Step 1: Log into Your Ibotta Account

Ensure you are logged into your Ibotta account using your account details.

Step 2: Navigate to Earnings Section

Locate the “Earnings” section within your Ibotta account dashboard.

Step 3: Select PayPal as Withdrawal Option

Choose PayPal as your preferred withdrawal option from the available choices.

Step 4: Confirm Withdrawal Details

Review and confirm the withdrawal details, ensuring accuracy in the linked PayPal account.

Step 5: Submit Withdrawal Request

Submit your request to start the withdrawal process. Ibotta will process it promptly.

Step 6: Check Your PayPal Account

After processing, check your PayPal account for the transferred funds. Ibotta aims to streamline the process.

Qualifications to withdraw your earnings

In order to withdraw your earnings, you must meet the withdrawal qualifications. To withdraw your earnings, you must meet the following qualifications.

  • Please ensure that your earnings reach a minimum threshold of $20.
  • At least one offer should have been successfully redeemed.
  • After signing up with Ibotta, wait at least 7 days.

Once your withdrawal is complete, you can use your earnings however you wish. 

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Time for Withdrawal to Reflect

The processing time for withdrawals may vary depending on the chosen withdrawal method. 

Direct deposits and PayPal transfers typically take up to 24 hours. However, gift card redemptions are instant.

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Common Issues and Solutions Tips

While the withdrawal process is straightforward, users may sometimes face issues. Here’s how to resolve them:

What to Do If a Withdrawal Fails

If your withdrawal fails, check your account details to ensure they are correct. Also, ensure that your account has the minimum amount required for withdrawal.

Contacting Customer Support for Withdrawal Issues

If you’re still experiencing difficulties withdrawing your earnings, contact Ibotta’s customer support through the app or via their website.

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Withdrawing your earnings from Ibotta is easy once you understand the process. The available withdrawal options ensure that you can access your cashback rewards conveniently for your lifestyle. 

Whether you choose direct deposit, PayPal transfer, or gift card redemption, the power to save and earn with Ibotta is just a few taps away. So, why wait? Start shopping, earning, and withdrawing with Ibotta today!

We hope that this content about How to Withdraw Your Earning From Ibotta is very helpful to you.

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How do you receive cash from Ibotta?

Through PayPal, you can transfer money to your bank account. 

How often can you withdraw from Ibotta?

After reaching $20 and redeeming an offer, you can withdraw or keep earning. 

Do my Ibotta earnings expire?

Once you have reached your personal goal, you can withdraw your earnings.

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