How Does Fetch Rewards Make Money (In 2024)

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How Does Fetch Rewards Make Money? Fetch Rewards, the online shopping platform founded by Wes Schroll, Tyler Kennedy, and Daniel Litvak, has revolutionized the way consumers earn rewards. By allowing users to scan their receipts from any store or gas station, Fetch Rewards simplifies the process of accumulating points that can be redeemed for gift cards. 

But the question is How Does Fetch Rewards Make Money? Fetch Rewards makes money mostly through affiliate commissions and interchange fees.

In this article, we will learn about How Does Fetch Rewards Make Money and the key components of its business model.

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How Does Fetch Rewards Make Money 

Fetch Rewards employs an affiliate business model, generating earnings through affiliate commissions and interchange fees.

Affiliate Commissions

Most of Fetch Rewards’ money comes from affiliate commissions, also known as referral fees. 

The platform is profited by partnering brands whenever a shopper purchases one of their products on the platform. 

The commission, based on a percentage of the total purchase price, is determined by the partnership arrangement between Fetch Rewards and its brand partners.

Interchange Fees

Fetch Rewards introduced a branded Mastercard debit card in late 2020, allowing the company to collect interchange fees. 

When users make payments with this debit card, an interchange fee is paid by the participating merchant to Mastercard. 

Fetch Rewards then receives a portion of this fee in exchange for promoting the card to users.

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Fetch Rewards Business Model

Fetch Rewards operates on an affiliate business model, compensating users for scanning receipts and earning rewards. 

Users can scan receipts from various stores, including grocery, liquor, hardware, pet stores, and gas stations. 

The income is mainly generated through affiliate commissions paid by partnering brands when users purchase their products on the platform.

What is Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a user-friendly shopping platform that rewards users for scanning their receipts. Users download the app, register, and simply take a photo of their grocery receipt. 

The app’s advanced image recognition technology identifies eligible products, earning users points. 

These points can be redeemed for gift cards, used for online purchases, or donated to charitable organizations. Fetch Rewards collaborates with numerous brands, providing users with a wide range of earning opportunities.

How Does Fetch Rewards Work

Fetch Rewards operates by allowing users to upload receipts, both paper and electronic, for purchases made at any store. Users collect reward points that can be redeemed for gift cards from popular brands like Starbucks, Amazon, Airbnb, and more. 

Fetch Rewards is the mobile app, which is free to download, simplifies the process – users just snap a photo of the receipt, taking less than ten seconds. Each uploaded receipt earns users a minimum of 25 points.

Users can also link their Fetch Rewards app to their Amazon account, automatically ‘fetching’ points from their order history. Additional ways to earn points include making purchases from featured stores, buying special offer items on the ‘Discover’ page, and referring friends to the platform.

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Fetch Rewards Short Story

Fetch Rewards, founded in 2013 by Tyler Kennedy, Daniel Litvak, and current CEO Wes Schroll, is an online shopping platform that revolutionized the way users earn rewards. 

The idea originated when Schroll, a University of Wisconsin-Madison student, imagined a world where companies prove their loyalty to consumers. 

The platform, launched in 2017, gained rapid popularity during the global pandemic, boasting over 7 million active users scanning 50 receipts per second.

Fetch Rewards Features

1. Diverse Recognition: Recognizes receipts from various stores.

2. Special Offers: Allows users to earn extra points through special offers.

3. Online Purchases: Earn points not only from physical receipts but also online purchases.

4. Redemption Options: Users can exchange points for gift cards or donate them to charitable organizations.

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Fetch Rewards Competitors

Fetch Rewards faces competition from credit card companies offering cash back rewards and similar dedicated platforms like Ibotta, Honey, Rakuten, Capital One Shopping, GetUpSide, and Slide.


Fetch Rewards makes money through a smart and user-friendly business model. By simplifying the reward process and allowing users to earn points through receipt scans from any store, the platform attracts a large number of users.

The primary earnings streams involve affiliate commissions from partnering brands and interchange fees from their branded Mastercard debit card. 

Fetch Rewards’ success lies in its ability to provide a simple way for users to earn rewards while offering valuable information to brands. As the platform continues to grow and develop, it remains a standout player in the competitive world of online shopping and rewards.

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How Much Money Does Fetch Rewards Make?

In 2022, Fetch Rewards reported $9 million in revenue. However, the company does not disclose other financial details, leaving its profitability undisclosed. 

Does Fetch Rewards tax you?

The recipient is not taxed on reward points, because the points serve as a discount, like a coupon. 

Does Fetch sell my information?

No, the Fetch Package does not sell your data.

Is it safe to scan receipts on Fetch?

Yes. Uploading grocery receipts to Fetch Rewards can help you earn gift cards.

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