Ibotta Vs Fetch: A Comprehensive Comparison

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Ibotta Vs Fetch- In the world of cashback apps, Ibotta and Fetch are two popular players that help you save money on your everyday purchases. 

These apps make shopping more rewarding by offering cashback and rewards for buying certain products or from specific retailers. While Ibotta and Fetch have a similar purpose, they offer unique features that differentiate them. 

In this comparison of Ibotta Vs Fetch, we’ll explore the key differences between Ibotta and Fetch to help you choose the one that best suits your saving preferences and shopping habits.

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Ibotta Vs Fetch: Key Differences

FeaturesIbottaFetch Rewards
Type of AppMobile app (iOS and Android), Browser ExtensionMobile app (iOS and Android)
Redemption OptionsPayPal account deposit, bank deposit, gift cardsGift cards
Minimum Cash Out$20$3 (3,000 points)
Rewards ExpirationRewards don’t expire, subject to account maintenance fees after six months of inactivityExpire after 90 days of inactivity or immediately if opting out
Best ForIn-store offers, online shoppingAny type of purchase
Receipt ScanningAdd offers before purchase, scan receipts, and buy gift cards through the appScan any receipt from any store, eReceipt feature for online purchases
Earning PotentialMultiple earning opportunities, including loyalty account linking and browser extensionBonus rewards on certain brands, special offers for additional points
Referral BonusesYesYes

Ibotta Vs Fetch: Overview


Ibotta is a well-established cashback app that has gained popularity among savvy shoppers. With Ibotta, users can earn cashback on purchases made at various retailers, both in-store and online. 

The Ibotta app offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of cashback offers across different categories, including groceries, fashion, beauty, and more. 

Ibotta also provides additional ways to earn, such as through mobile shopping apps and online travel bookings.

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Similar to Ibotta, Fetch Rewards allows users to earn points on purchases made at participating retailers. 

The app stands out with its simplicity and ease of use. Users simply need to scan their receipts, and the app automatically detects eligible products and rewards points accordingly. 

Fetch Rewards also offers bonus points for specific brands or products, providing additional value to its users.

Ibotta Vs Fetch: Features and Benefits

Cashback Rates and Offers: Ibotta offers a wide range of cashback offers across multiple categories, often providing higher cashback rates. Fetch Rewards focuses more on points-based rewards, offering bonus points for specific brands or products.

Redemption Options: Both apps offer flexible redemption options. Ibotta allows you to withdraw your earnings via Venmo, PayPal, or gift cards. Fetch Rewards offers gift card redemptions for various retailers.

User Interface and App Experience: Ibotta boasts a user-friendly interface with a seamless scanning process for receipts and an easy navigation system. Fetch Rewards excels in simplicity, making it easy for users to scan their receipts and earn rewards quickly.

Referral Programs: Both Ibotta and Fetch Rewards have referral programs that encourage users to invite friends and family to join. Ibotta offers referral bonuses, while Fetch Rewards provides bonus points for successful referrals.

Customer Support: Ibotta offers customer support through their app and website, with responsive assistance for any issues. Fetch Rewards also provides customer support, although response times may vary.

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Ibotta Vs Fetch: Retailer Partnerships


Ibotta has an extensive network of partner retailers, including grocery stores, restaurants, and online shopping sites. This wide range makes it possible to get cash back on a broad range of products and services.

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Fetch partners with brands, not specific stores, so you earn points from any store as long as you buy from partner brands.

Ibotta Vs Fetch: Pros and Cons


Multiple cash-out optionsManual Receipt Submission
User-Friendly InterfaceOccasional Offer Limitations
Flexible Redemption Options
Extensive Offer Variety


Pros Cons
Automatic Receipt ScanningLimited Redemption Options
Simple Point SystemLess Social Interaction
Diverse Brand Partnerships
Referral Bonuses


Both Ibotta and Fetch Rewards have their own strengths and weaknesses. Ibotta is an appealing option for users who value a user-friendly interface, a wide range of offers, and multiple redemption options. 

On the other hand, Fetch Rewards is a great fit for those who appreciate automation, a straightforward point system, and a variety of brand partnerships. Choose your preferred shopping app based on your habits, manual or automated preference, and valuable rewards.

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Is Fetch Rewards better than Ibotta?

There is no single best cashback app between Fetch Rewards and Ibotta. The ideal app for you depends on your unique spending habits and financial goals.

What is the downside of fetch rewards?

Your points will expire if you do not use your Fetch Rewards account for 90 days. 

Is Starbucks on Fetch?

Yes, Starbucks is on Fetch. You can Earn Starbucks Gift Cards With Fetch.

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