How to Get Cash Back on Upside (Easy Steps)

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Looking to earn some money back while you shop for your daily needs? You’re in the right place! With Upside, getting cashback on gas, groceries, and food purchases is very easy. 

All you need to do is download the free Upside app and start claiming cash-back offers at nearby stores. Then, just make your purchases using a credit or debit card linked to the app.

Here is everything you need to know about How to Get Cash Back on Upside. 

How to Get Cash Back on Upside

1. Download and Install the App

To start getting cash back on Upside, you need to download the Upside app on your smartphone. 

You can find the app on both the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices. Once you have downloaded the app, follow the prompts to install it on your device.

2. Sign Up or Log In

Once the app is downloaded, you can sign up for a new account or log in if you already have one. You’ll need to provide some basic information to create your account.

3. Browse Cash Back Offers

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to browse cash-back offers available at locations near you. These offers include a range of categories, including gas, groceries, restaurants, and more.

4. Claim an Offer

When you find an offer you like, simply claim it by tapping on it. Be sure to read the offer details and any associated terms and conditions.

5. Shop As Usual

Make your purchase at the participating location using your linked credit or debit card. Simply pay as you normally do without presenting any coupons or codes.

6. Earn Cash Back

Once you make a purchase, your cash-back rewards will start accumulating. Depending on the offer, your earnings will be calculated and added to your Upside account.

7. Cash Out Your Earnings

Once you’ve earned enough cash back, you can choose to cash out your earnings. You have the option to transfer the money directly to your bank account or redeem it as a gift card.

8. Invite Friends (Optional)

Share your unique referral code with friends to earn a bonus when they make their first purchase, plus ongoing rewards for their future transactions.

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How long does it take to receive Cashback?

Processing times for cash back may vary depending on the specific offer and payment method chosen. Typically, cashback earnings are credited to your account within a few days after the transaction is processed.

How Much Can You Earn?

The estimated monthly cash-back earnings in each category are as follows:


  • Estimated Monthly Spend: $370
  • Estimated Cash Back: $24.60


  • Estimated Monthly Spend: $210
  • Estimated Cash Back: Varies by location


  • Estimated Monthly Spend: $520
  • Estimated Cash Back: Varies by location

Note: Estimated earnings may vary by location.

How to Cash Out with Upside

Cashing out your earnings with Upside is a simple process. You can choose to transfer funds to your bank account, use PayPal, or select a digital gift card. Follow these simple steps to cash out with ease.

1. Navigate to Your Balance

From the home screen of your Upside account, locate your balance displayed in the top right corner. 

Tap on it to proceed with the withdrawal process.

2. Choose Your Withdrawal Method

Select your preferred method for withdrawing earnings. 

You can connect your bank account, provide your PayPal address, or opt for a digital gift card.

3. Verify Your Account Information

After selecting your withdrawal method, Upside will prompt you to verify your account information. 

Check your Upside account email address on a mobile device for the verification email. 

Click on the “Confirm Account Information” link provided in the email to complete the verification process.

4. Await Processing

Withdrawal requests are typically processed within 24-48 hours, but bank transfers may take up to 5-7 business days. 

If you experience any issues or delays, refer to the “I cashed out. Where’s my money?” section for assistance.

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What are Cash Out Fees?

Cash-out fees are charges applied when transferring your earnings from the Upside platform to your preferred payment method, such as your bank account, PayPal, or gift card. 

These fees are applied to cover processing and transaction costs associated with transferring funds.

How Much Are the Cash Out Fees?

Usually, a small fee of $1 is charged for cashing out small dollar amounts. However, this fee may differ depending on the method and the amount of the transfer.

Fee Structure:

  • Bank Transfer: A $1 fee is applied for cash-outs of less than $10.
  • PayPal: For cash-outs under $15, a $1 fee is charged.
  • Gift Card: There’s usually no fee for cashing out via gift card, but some cards may have minimum thresholds.


Earning cash back on Upside is easy and rewarding. Users can accumulate cash-back rewards and easily withdraw their earnings through options like bank transfer, PayPal, or gift cards

With its user-friendly interface and diverse range of offers, Upside provides a convenient way for individuals to save money and make their purchases more rewarding.

We hope that this article about How to Get Cash Back on Upside is very helpful to you!


How long does it take to receive cashback?

Processing times for cash back may vary depending on the specific offer and payment method chosen. Typically, cashback earnings are credited to your account within a few days after the transaction is processed.

Can I earn cash back on every purchase?

While Upside offers cashback deals on a wide range of purchases, not every transaction may qualify for rewards. Be sure to review the terms and conditions of each offer before making a purchase to ensure eligibility.

What should I do if I encounter any issues with cashback?

If you encounter any issues with earning or receiving cash back, reach out to Upside’s customer support team for assistance. They’ll be happy to help troubleshoot any problems and ensure you receive the savings you deserve.

How do I resubmit a receipt?

Should you need to resubmit a receipt for any reason, you can easily do so through the app. Navigate to the receipt submission section and follow the prompts to ensure your purchase is properly recorded.

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