How To Get US Phone Number Outside USA

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Searching for a way to get a US Phone number if you live outside usa? People from all over the world want to get a US phone number for their business purpose. The number of questions expressing the rising popularity of this subject was searched on google. This shows how important this matter is

However, here is the best way to get a US phone number in less than 2 minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get a US number to your existing account and why you need it.

How To Get US Phone numbers

There are many best apps available where you can use US phone numbers around the world and use it for your Business or personal purpose. Below are the few best apps you can try for free.

Below are the best apps to get US phone number:


TextNow is one of the popular apps to get US phone numbers where you can make free calls and texts on your mobile. It offers an app that gives you a free US phone number, with the help that you can make phone calls and text people for free around the USA & Canada.

TextNow To Get US Phone Number

TextNow allows you to connect with your contacts via WiFi, which is what makes the calls and messages free. Text Now also operates as a sort of MVNO. You can purchase TextNow for $0 per month, where you can call and text for free.

It has tons of other features that greatly enhance your experience as a customer. However, free texts are limited to only the USA and Canada.

Google Voice:

Google Voice To Get US Phone Number

The Google Voice service has been available since 2009. Google Voice gives you a permanent phone number for your iPhone and Android phones for calls, texts, and voicemails for free. It has no time limits, in-app ads, or subscription fees (USA & Canada). With this number, you can make local and international calls from your web browser and mobile phone. If you’re in USA, also you can choose your own number. If you call outside the USA Google Voice has a different cost plan per minute.


Dingtone is another best option for getting a US phone number. This service allows you to make and receive calls and texts online for free, unlike some popular services, including Google Voice and Text Now. Dingtone offers real US phone numbers without any trouble of registering with a phone company. Additionally, there are no setup, monthly, or per-minute fees for the local number of your choice.

Dingtone To Get US Phone Number

When using a Dingtone service, Just download the app, sign up for Dingtone account and select the country and area code of your phone number. Now you can choose a Phone Number you like quickly and easily without swapping SIM cards! Once you have your phone number, Turn your iPod, iPad, tablet into a real phone to send and receive phone calls and messages with Dingtone phone numbers!

TextMe Up:

TextMe UpTo Get US Phone Number

Text Me Up was launched in march 2011 with a vision to offer rich mobile communication for free to anyone in the world. The app is similar to Text Now, and Google Voice gives you a free phone number that lets you Text and makes voice calls within the US and Canada. The service is ads supported. It will be a better option if you are looking for a permanent US number. You can send text messages and receive phone calls from anywhere in your smartphone, tablet, or pc.

Second Line:

Second Line To Get US Phone Number

Second Line is a free, full-featured app that gives you a second phone number with free calls and SMS in the US and Canada with unlimited talk. Unlike similar apps like Text Now and Hushed, 2ndLine does not require a subscription and is completely free. With the second Line you can Text and call on your Phone or Tablet. It is very affordable in price in the international market with extra privacy and security.

Why Should You Get US Phone Number?

If your business is based in the US, and you’re currently working with US customers or want to work with them, you should have a US phone number. To enhance and reach your Business to the next level  

Benefits to Use US Phone Number:

There are many benefits to having a US phone number.

  • You can enjoy free calls & texts via WiFi or cellular data on your smart phone.
  • Make unlimited local and long distance calls to the U.S. and Canada with Dingtone
  • Get a second number for your phone without the need for an extra SIM card.
  • Turn your smart phone and tablet into a real phone with real phone numbers for calls and texts.
  • You can get your own US phone number without paying anything.


It is very benificial having a second phone number. There’s no need to carry two mobile devices for work and personal use. When you use dating sites or platforms like Craigslist, or when you want to make cheap international calls, keep your personal number private.

No matter what the reasons is, the above-mentioned apps will helps you to provide with a real phone number to use as a second phone number.

If we have missed any great free texting & calling app fell free to share with us in the comment below

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