How to Use Fetch Rewards Gift Cards In-Store ( In 2024)

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If you’re a Fetch Rewards user and wondering How to Use Fetch Rewards Gift Cards In-Store? Then you have come to the right place. Fetch Rewards gives you the opportunity to earn points easily and redeem them for various Gift cards. 

But How to Use Fetch Rewards Gift Cards In-Store? To use Fetch Rewards gift cards, select your preferred card in the app and redeem it in-store by simply presenting the mobile barcode or printing the card. 

In this guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about How to Use Fetch Rewards Gift Cards In-Store.

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How to Use Fetch Rewards Gift Cards In-Store

Understanding Fetch Gift Card Options

Fetch Rewards provides a range of gift cards across various categories, such as Retail and Entertainment. 

It’s important to note that while most gift cards are versatile and can be used in-store or online, some are exclusively for online use. Amazon gift cards are a good example of this.

How you can determine the usability of the Fetch Rewards gift card

1. Open the Fetch App

Navigate to the Rewards tab within the Fetch app to explore available gift card options.

2. Select the Reward Category

Choose a specific category, such as Retail or Entertainment, or explore all options by clicking “View all.”

3. Check Usability Information

Look for the “In-Stores” label below the store name. If it’s present, the gift card can be used in-store. If it says “Online only,” the redemption is restricted to online platforms.

If you’ve already redeemed Fetch points for a gift card, find detailed instructions for in-store use on the gift card itself under Rewards > My Rewards in the app.

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How to Use Fetch Rewards Gift Cards In-Store

Once you’ve confirmed your gift card is redeemable in-store, using it is easy:

  • Print out your Fetch gift card page displaying the Claim Code and present it to the cashier during checkout.
  • Alternatively, display the gift card barcode or Claim Code on your mobile device by accessing it through the app.
  • Some retailers, such as Target or Kohl’s, allow you to enter your e-gift card number in their store’s app, apply the balance, and show the in-app barcode to the cashier at checkout.

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How to Print a Fetch Rewards Gift Card

Printing your Fetch gift card is as simple as printing any other page via your smartphone:

  • Open the Fetch app.
  • Go to the Rewards tab.
  • Click on your gift card reward.
  • Click on “View redemption instructions,” and you should see your Claim Code.
  • Press the share button at the bottom of your browser, find “Print,” and click it.

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How to Check Fetch gift cards expire

It depends on the gift card. Most Fetch gift cards do not expire, but some do have an expiration date. To find out whether or not your gift card has an expiration date:

  • Open the Fetch app.
  • Go to the Rewards tab.
  • Click on the gift card reward in question.
  • Click on “View redemption instructions.”
  • On this screen, in the fine print, you will either find an expiration date or text reading, “No expiration date.”

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How to Earn Points on Fetch Rewards

1. Scan Every Receipt: Each receipt from your purchases is an opportunity to earn points

2. Buy Partner Brands: Keep an eye out for brands that have partnerships with Fetch Rewards. Purchasing these products will earn you more points.

3. Special Offers and Referrals: Fetch Rewards frequently offers special promotions, allowing you to earn additional points. Referring friends can also provide a significant point boost.

By regularly following these practices, you’ll see your points grow, ready for redemption.

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How to Redeem Fetch Rewards Points for Gift Cards

When it comes to turning those points into gift cards, the process is easy.

  • Open the Fetch Rewards app and navigate to the ‘Rewards’ section.
  • Browse through the variety of gift card options available.
  • Select a gift card and redeem your points.

With everything from retail stores to online marketplaces, you can find a gift card that fits your needs.

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Fetch Rewards gift cards can make your daily shopping more rewarding. 

You can earn points easily and redeem them for gift cards to various retailers, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred store. 

By using Fetch Rewards smartly, you can maximize the value of every purchase and transform your regular shopping trips into an investment in future savings.

We hope that this content about How to Use Fetch Rewards Gift Cards In-Store is very helpful to you.

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Can you use fetch rewards in-store?

If you wish, most Fetch gift cards can be used in-store.

Does Fetch send physical gift cards?

Visa rewards are available in both digital and physical formats.

How long does it take to redeem a gift card on Fetch?

It takes 72 hours for a reward to be processed after it has been redeemed.

What is the downside of fetch rewards?

Points expire after 90 days if your Fetch Rewards account is not used. 

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