Ibotta Vs Rakuten: Which One Is Best For You

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Ibotta Vs Rakuten? Cash Back apps like Ibotta and Rakuten are popular money-saving apps that help you get cash back on your everyday purchases, but they work in slightly different ways.

Ibotta is a digital coupon book for your phone. You can scan receipts using the app and get cash back on specific purchases, like groceries and clothing.

On the other hand, Rakuten offers cashback on purchases made at participating online stores. It’s like a discount on your online shopping after the fact.

Today, we’ll compare Ibotta Vs Rakuten to help you choose the best cashback app.

Ibotta Vs Rakuten: Key Difference

TypeCashback appCashback and online shopping portal
Cashback ModelRebates on in-store and online purchasesCashback on online purchases
PlatformsMobile app (iOS, Android)Website, browser extension, mobile app
In-store CashbackYes, for select retailersNo
Online CashbackYesYes
Redemption OptionsPayPal deposit, Venmo transfer, bank deposit, gift cardsPayPal deposit, mailed check, or Amex Membership Rewards points
Minimum Cash Out$20 minimum$5.01 minimum
Referral ProgramYesYes
Sign-Up CostFreeFree
Best forIn-store offersOnline shopping 
Sign-up BonusYes, variesYes, varies
Ease of UseUser-friendly interfaceUser-friendly interface

Ibotta Vs Rakuten: Ease of Use


Once you have downloaded the Ibotta app, you will be presented with an interface that is clean and easy to navigate. 

You have the option to browse offers by category or search for specific retailers. 

To earn cash back, you will need to add offers to your account before shopping and then upload a receipt or link to a loyalty account.

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Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, operates primarily through its website, although it also offers a mobile app. 

The platform is fairly easy to use; you simply find the retailer you plan to shop with, click on the “Shop Now” button, and you’ll be redirected to the retailer’s website to make your purchase. 

Ibotta Vs Rakuten: Payout Methods 


When you earn $20 in cash back, you can redeem your earnings for PayPal, Venmo, or various gift cards.


Rakuten offers two options for receiving your cashback – check or PayPal – on a quarterly basis.

Ibotta Vs Rakuten: Customer Support 


Ibotta offers an extensive Help Center on their website and in-app. 

For more specific inquiries, you can submit a request to their customer support team.


Rakuten provides a comprehensive Help Center and live chat support. 

Additionally, you can reach out to their customer service via email.

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How Ibotta Works

Ibotta is a helpful app that allows you to earn cash back for your in-store and online purchases. 

To receive in-store cashback, you just need to add offers to the app before shopping and submit receipts after checkout. 

The Ibotta app is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.

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How Rakuten Works

Rakuten functions as a cashback site, app, and browser extension, offering cash back for both online and in-person purchases. 

Users can easily earn cash back by clicking on a store’s link through Rakuten before making a purchase. 

In-store cashback requires linking a credit or debit card to the Rakuten account.

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Ibotta Vs Rakuten: Pros and Cons


Ibotta Rakuten
Free to useFinancial Services
Cashback on Everyday PurchasesGlobal Presence
Multiple RetailersCash Back
User-Friendly InterfaceDiverse Product Range
Bonuses and Referral ProgramRakuten Points
Gift Card Rewards


Account maintenance feesInactive Account Policy
Receipt UploadsMinimum Payout Requirement
Limited International AvailabilityQuarterly Payout Schedule
Withdrawal ThresholdInternational Shipping
Store and Brand SpecificityVaried Cashback Rates


Ibotta and Rakuten are both cashback apps, but with different focuses. Ibotta offers cashback on specific products and verifies receipts for in-store and online shopping, while Rakuten provides cashback for online purchases through its affiliate network. 

Ultimately, the better option depends on your shopping habits and preferences. Some users find value in using both platforms to maximize their savings across different types of purchases.

We hope that this content about Ibotta Vs Rakuten is very helpful to you.

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Which app pays the most for receipts?

There are two apps that pay the most money for receipts: Ibotta and Rakuten.

Does Ibotta report to IRS?

Ibotta will only report your earnings to the IRS if you earn more than $600 in a calendar year.

Does Rakuten work with Target?

Rakuten offers cashback, coupons, and rewards at major retailers like Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Target.

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