How Does Ibotta Make Money (2024) 

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Want to know How does Ibotta make money, then keep reading. Ibotta is a Cash Back app that offers customers cashback at over 1,500 retailers. The app is available on mobile devices and as a browser plugin. 

But the question is, How Does Ibotta Make Money? Ibotta earns money through affiliate commissions, advertising, and the sale of aggregated, non-personal data. The company’s business model is built upon affiliate marketing.

Let’s delve into Ibotta’s business model and explore How Does Ibotta Make Money.

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How Does Ibotta Make Money 

To generate revenue, Ibotta earns affiliate commissions from business partners for sending them customers. 

The company also earns revenue from advertising and aggregated transaction data distribution.

Affiliate Commissions

Ibotta makes most of its money from affiliate commissions. This means that big companies like Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Kellogg’s pay for Ibotta when people use the Ibotta app or desktop extension to buy their products. 

The commission rate is agreed upon by both parties, usually ranging from 3% to 10%. It shows that Ibotta is a good platform for driving sales.

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Account Maintenance Fees

Ibotta charges a fee if you haven’t used your account for six months. 

They take some money from your Ibotta balance to cover account maintenance fees. 

But don’t worry, they never take money directly from your bank account.

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Ibotta uses deep learning and machine learning to track customer purchases and provide retailers with aggregated transaction data. 

Retailers can use this data for their future marketing strategies without compromising user privacy. 

The pricing is flexible, and this data can be of great value to companies.

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Targeting millennial women earning between $50,000 and $100,000 annually, Ibotta provides businesses with prime advertising space on its app. 

Advertisers can choose to pay flat rates or per-ad-impression fees based on specific audience parameters.

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Overview of Ibotta’s Business Model

Ibotta is an affiliate marketing platform that connects consumers with retailers and brands. 

It offers cash-back promotions to encourage purchases. When a user makes a purchase through Ibotta, the company earns a commission from the partnered retailer or brand. 

This commission is then shared with the user as cashback, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement for everyone involved.

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A Brief History of Ibotta

Bryan Leach went from being a lawyer in Denver to becoming the mastermind behind the popular app Ibotta. 

His interest in mobile technology led to the creation of a system that transformed how promotional information was shared. 

Ibotta has now become a leader in the cashback industry, with strategic investments and a 2019 valuation of $1 billion.

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How Does Ibotta Work?

Using Ibotta is incredibly easy, as it seamlessly integrates cashback rewards into users’ shopping routines. 

With its user-friendly app and browser add-on, Ibotta analyzes geolocation data to suggest relevant in-store products. 

It’s worth noting that Ibotta has paid out over $860,000,000 in cash prizes, which highlights the platform’s user-friendly approach.

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Who Owns Ibotta?

Founded and still led by Bryan Leach, Ibotta has received support from 12 investors. 

The company recently secured funding in its 2019 Series D round from Koch Disruptive Technologies and Teamworthy Ventures, solidifying its financial foundation.

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Ibotta Competitors

Ibotta is a cashback rewards app that faces competition from other similar apps and credit card companies that offer cashback programs. 

Some of its main competitors include Rakuten, Fetch Rewards, Slide App, GetUpSide, Shopback, SavingStar, Lyoness, Dosh, RetailMeNot Inc, Shopkick, MobiSave, and Shop Savvy.

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Future growth engine

Ibotta implemented a “data lake” solution to improve tracking and user efficiency, which has been very successful. 

The solution enables the company to achieve its mission of “data democratization” in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

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Ibotta is a successful cashback app that offers enticing cashback offers and has a vast network of retailers. 

While it is already established in the U.S., there is still potential for Ibotta to enter new markets. 

As a leading company in the cashback industry, Ibotta’s growth initiatives position it as a strong competitor in the ever-changing market.

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Does Ibotta actually give you money back?

Yes, Ibotta can definitely give you money back! It’s a legitimate cashback app.

How does Ibotta make money with receipts?

Affiliate fees and advertising generate revenue for Ibotta.

How much do people make with Ibotta?

Most active Ibotta users earn between $10 and $20 per month, while some earn as much as $100 or $300 per month.

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