Ibotta Vs Checkout 51: A Comprehensive Comparison

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Ibotta Vs Checkout 51? Ibotta and Checkout 51 are like friendly superheroes offering cash back on your purchases. 

These cashback apps make your wallet a little happier by giving you money back for buying everyday stuff. But what’s the difference between them, and which one is right for you?

Let’s dive into a simple comparison of Ibotta Vs Checkout 51 to help you choose the best Cashbach app for your shopping adventures.

Ibotta Vs Checkout 51: key difference

FeatureIbottaCheckout 51
Type of AppCashback and rewards appCashback app
AvailabilityAvailable in the United StatesAvailable in the United States and Canada
Supported RetailersWide range of retailers, including pharmacies, grocery stores, and online retailersVarious grocery stores and retailers
Cashout OptionsPayPal, Venmo, or gift cardsCheck mailed to the user’s address
Minimum Withdrawal$20 $20 for cashout by check
Referral ProgramYes, users can earn bonuses by referring friendsYes, users can earn bonuses for referrals
Mobile PlatformsAvailable on iOS and AndroidAvailable on iOS and Android
Receipt SubmissionRequires users to scan receipts with eligible itemsRequires users to upload photos of receipts
Special OffersIn-app bonuses, team bonuses, and specific brand offersWeekly offers and occasional bonuses
CouponsOffers digital coupons in addition to cashbackOffers cashback on specific items with no need for pre-activation
User InterfaceUser-friendly with a variety of categories and easy navigationSimple and straightforward interface

Ibotta Vs Checkout 51: Review

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a user-friendly cashback app that offers various ways to save money on groceries, online purchases, and even travel bookings. 

With Ibotta, you can browse and activate cashback offers from your favorite retailers, scan receipts to redeem offers, and earn cash rewards. 

The app boasts a vast selection of deals from well-known brands and retailers, giving users lots of options to save.

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How does Ibotta Work?

1. Explore Offers: Ibotta offers a diverse range of cashback deals across multiple categories.

2. Add Offers: Add desired offers to your Ibotta account.

3. Shop and Capture Receipt: Purchase items and use the app to scan and verify your receipt.

4. Earn Cash Back: Accumulate Cashback in your Ibotta account.

5. Redeem Rewards: Choose your preferred payout method and redeem your earnings.

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What is Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 is another popular cashback app that allows users to save money on groceries and household items. 

Like Ibotta, Checkout 51 offers cashback offers that can be activated by simply uploading a photo of your receipt. 

The app features a user-friendly interface and regularly updates its list of available offers, providing users with a wide range of savings opportunities.

How does Checkout 51 Work?

1. Select Offers: Browse through Checkout 51’s offers and choose the ones that match your shopping list.

2. Purchase Items: Buy the selected items from any store.

3. Snap Receipt: Take a photo of your receipt using the app.

4. Get Cash Back: Once verified, earn Cashback on eligible purchases.

5. Cash Out: Redeem your savings once you reach the cash-out threshold.

Ibotta Vs Checkout 51: Features

When it comes to comparing Ibotta and Checkout 51, several factors come into play. Let’s take a closer look at how these apps stand up in terms of their features and functionality.

Cashback offers and deals:

Both Ibotta and Checkout 51 offer a variety of cashback offers and deals on popular products. Ibotta tends to have a larger selection of offers and covers a wider range of categories, including groceries, beauty, and travel. 

Checkout 51, on the other hand, focuses primarily on grocery items.

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Redemption process:

Ibotta requires users to scan their receipts and select the offers they want to redeem. Once the offers are selected, users can withdraw their earnings via PayPal or choose from various gift card options. 

Checkout 51 follows a similar redemption process, where users upload a photo of their receipt and select the offers they wish to redeem. Earnings can be cashed out once a user reaches a minimum balance.

User interface and ease of use:

Both Ibotta and Checkout 51 have user-friendly interfaces that make navigating the apps a breeze. Ibotta offers a more stylish and modern design with easy-to-use features and a visually appealing layout. 

Checkout 51, while not as attractive, is equally simple and straightforward to use. 

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Supported retailers and products:

Ibotta partners with a wide range of retailers, including grocery stores, pharmacies, and online retailers. The app covers a vast selection of products, making it versatile for different shopping needs. 

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Checkout 51 primarily focuses on grocery items and partners with major supermarket chains to provide cashback offers on popular household brands.

Ibotta Vs Checkout 51: Pros and Cons

Ibotta: Pros and Cons


  • Wide selection of cashback offers and deals across various categories.
  • User-friendly interface with a visually appealing design.
  • Multiple cash-out options, including PayPal and gift cards.


  • Teamwork Required for Some Bonuses.
  • Offers can occasionally take time to process and appear in your account.

Checkout 51: Pros and Cons


  • No Store Restrictions.
  • Simple and straightforward cashback redemption process.
  • Regularly updated offers and deals.


  • Limited Redemption Options.
  • Focus on Groceries.


The choice between Checkout 51 and Ibotta depends on your interests and shopping habits. If you want a wide range of cashback opportunities and various ways to redeem your earnings, Ibotta could be the better fit for you. 

On the other hand, If you value the freedom to shop at any store and prefer a straightforward cash-out process, Checkout 51 might be your go-to. Consider your priorities and enjoy the savings!

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Is Ibotta or Checkout 51 better?

Deciding between Ibotta and Checkout 51 depends on your priorities as a shopper. Both apps offer great ways to save money, but they have different strengths and weaknesses.

Is Checkout 51 legit?

Checkout 51 is a legitimate cashback application that offers a decent number of cashback deals.

How does Checkout 51 pay you?

When the balance in your account reaches $20, you will be able to withdraw the money.

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